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Black on Black Shampoo

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The goal of Black On Black is to get rid of those ugly reddish over-tones.  We do not want to be dyeing a canines coat for dyes lie on the outside of the cuticle lens therefore dulling the coat in appearance and also rubbing off on your hands.  Instead we are drabbing the black with green pigments.  The reason you have reddish overtone on a black coated canine is that the blacker black hair is, the more red pigment is under the cuticle of the hair shaft.  When the outer lens is bleached out by the sun or other elements then the red pigment is exposed.  And, what drabs the color of red is green.   Chris Christensen Systems Black On Black's diminutive molecular structure is like Black On Black being a golf ball versus a basketball, the molecular structure of Chris Christensen Systems treatments are so tiny that they can go under the cuticle lens and clean and deposit pigment without the use of harsh chemicals.  We are neutralizing red through a combination of green pigments.  By depositing the green pigments under the lens we are restoring the beautiful black you once had.  And, also note that by depositing under the lens we are leaving a beautiful sheen, for the lens works like a piece of glass would, reflecting and intensifying the color under it.

#1 Extraordinary cleansing ability and color deposit system in one application.

#1 Color pigment deposit system. Small molecular weight (tiny particles of color) that penetrates the top layer of the hair, which is the cuticle or hair lens surface to the cortex without the use of harsh chemicals.
#2 Neutralizes unwanted stains that cleansing does not remove, or deposits wanted color tones.
#3 Does not stain the outer layer of the hair surface, thus allowing passage of light through the translucent hair surface to amplify gloss and colors.

#1 A semi permanent color that will not rub off on hands or clothing or for that matter a white towel, and lasts up to 4 weeks.
#2 Acid balanced to close and tighten the hair cuticle lens, amplifying color tones and gloss.

Black On Black is for use on black canine coats to deep multi colored breeds such as mahoganies to dark brindles and dark chocolates.  Will not discolor mahogany and dark tan markings.  If using on a tri-colored coat apply White On White in the white areas first then go in with Black On Black in the black areas, if you accidentally spill Black On Black into the white areas do not be concerned since you already have the white areas suds up with White On White

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